“A potent jazz singer who packs a big wallop with delicate, gentle vocals and tremendous authenticity.”

Elliot Zwiebach, Cabaret Scenes

“It’s not everyday that one gets to experience Mingus’ genius performed live. Thank you and congratulations Ada Bird Wolfe… I continue savoring your artistry and dedication. Wow! from Monk to Mingus!”

Mon David (And the Word Was Mingus)

“You dove Monk first into the thicket of dissonance and harmony and came out alive! Challenging material beautifully done. I especially enjoyed your Hendricks vocalezes- giddy and hip and caffeinated- like walking on 52nd street on a brisk morning in 1947!”

Mark Winkler (Monk-O-Sphere)

“Not only a good dramatic artist, but … also very connected to the musicians. This is what creates the magic. I couldn’t help but get caught up in the images she created with her sentiment and words. I looked around at the quiet and attentive audience, and saw the same magical effect had been created in their worlds.”

Cathy Segal Garcia, Jazz Producer (Chanteuse)

“A huge toast to Ada Bird Wolfe for pulled off a truly delightful and entertaining jazz coup last night at Bar Fedora in DTLA with her The Saint and the Sinner Man: Miles Davis and John Coltrane. Delivering a masterful master class on the lives and music (played by the always brilliant Musical director Jamieson Trotter on keys, Jerry Moore on Sax, Josh Aguiar on trumpet, Gabe Davis on Bass, Peter Buck on Drums) of those two jazz legends. Ada sang their classics and where there were no lyrics, she had cleverly penned her own. With special guest Mitch Ellis on board to sing a couple of songs, it was truly a unforgettable night. The passion on the stage from all involved was palpable… A truly stunning show!”

Judy Barrat (Miles/Coltrane)



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