Sometimes two musicians share a rare and magical connection, a near telepathic sensitivity to each other that informs the music they create.  Throughout the four years of their collaboration, this has been the relationship between vocalist Ada Bird Wolfe and pianist and arranger Jamieson Trotter. 


“He and Me” is a twelve song celebration of this connection.  

Wolfe and Trotter share a love for the kind of dissonance, angularity and humor found in the music of Monk and Mingus, the spirituality of Coltrane and the fluid elegance of Miles. Each is open to discovering the jazz possibilities of music outside the customary canon. Exploration of the infinite layers of rhythm, melody, harmony and meaning is their common passion and pursuit.

Wolfe says: “It is thrilling to work with a musician who is so brilliant, original and creative.  He is completely fearless, leaping into the music as if he is leaping off a cliff, centered in absolute faith and commitment. At the same time, he is completely present and supportive of me, laying in perfect accents, carrying on the conversation, providing the space for my creative spirit to blossom.”

For Trotter:
“Floating in the creative ether with Ada Bird Wolfe brings me to the space that I yearn to occupy at all times - the reason that I create.  Ada and I just get there with ease, and she continues to inspire the creative journey. Old songs feel new; new songs become revelations, and she’s there, smiling and digging in.  She could be the out-est cat I know, but she plays it like she’s inside.”